Bags and pouches made of 100% organic jute material

bo7149 36 black | GPTS - печатни услуги, персонализирани подаръци

We are sure that every person wants to be unique, unique and to be noticed by others. That’s why, especially for you, we have a really “wow” offer.

In our product catalogue, at the beginning of this year, we added amazing bags made of 100% organic jute material. The look of the bags is original and unusual. The handles are further reinforced for even greater strength.

In addition to bags, we also offer jute bags that can be personalized with text and an image. Our design department has also developed ready-made author’s prints directly for printing. For printing we use a modern digital printer and high quality inks.

The bags are suitable as a stand-alone gift or you can add more gift items inside to delight a close friend. With the spring holidays approaching, tote bags would be a great gift pairing with a notebook, mug, box or any of our board games.