Boxes for a special occasion

kutii za speczialen povod | GPTS - печатни услуги, персонализирани подаръци

The best family holidays of the year – Christmas and New Year are approaching. There is just over a month to go when we will all be surrounded by the people closest to us – family and friends.

To make the holidays even merrier, we show you our latest gift boxes to put all those gifts in that will express your gratitude and love.

You have the option to personalise your gift box – with an original design and message or choose a ready-made one from our fun, colourful, quirky and unusual suggestions.

The boxes come in two sizes – small and large and with a choice of two colours – black and blue. They are closed with a magnetic mechanism. The very base of each box is strong, durable, resistant and can hold all kinds of small and larger items – books, notebooks, pictures, cards, etc..

One of the advantages of our boxes is that the entire production process is subject to compulsory inspection and many of the prefabricated parts are made by hand. In addition, we have successfully implemented advanced technologies in the printing process to assist our team in preparing the materials and creating the boxes. If you wish, we can make boxes in other colours.