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Office 1

Address: 1202 Sofia Str. "Г. С. Rakovski" 34
Opening hours: Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00
+359 882 299 383

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Office 2

Address: 1124 Sofia Str. "Nikolay V. Gogol" 20A
Opening hours.
Phone: Silvia Varsanova
+359 88 7880026

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I send my design for printing?

    Yes, you can send your finished designs for printing, regardless of whether the files are in the appropriate format. We have a team of designers who take care of the entire prepress preparation.

    What is the lead time for orders?

    The production time is strictly individual depending on the specific order. For some products it can happen in two or three days, for others up to a week (depending on processing time and processing).

    Can I personalize a product I want to give to a close friend?

    Yes, we do offer the option to personalise products by being able to include a name or message to a person.

    How can I find you?

    We have two locations in the city of Sofia - central office on ul. "Г. С. Rakovski" 34, where you can see on the spot most of the things we offer, and in our second office at "Nikolay Gogol" 20A. We also place great importance on online communication and can be contacted via our social media accounts or through our website.