Illuminated logo for event

sveteshto logo za sabitie | GPTS - печатни услуги, персонализирани подаръци

Ever wonder what makes an event complete, glamorous and spectacular? Here we will give you a comprehensive answer and many examples that we, GPTs, have worked out. There’s no escaping the beautiful glowing logo of the last event you attended.

It’s part of our job and as such, we make sure it’s polished to the last detail.

Illuminated event logos bring a touch of finishing touch and add extra beauty and sophistication to both the décor and the overall look of an event, be it media, comedy, fashion, etc. A glowing logo is a way in which you can showcase your brand. The process of creating such a logo is long, complex and time consuming. But despite the complex process, we manage to fit in any deadlines and check every detail is in place and that each highly efficient ice chip is working.

There are several stages through which the holy logo is made:

1 1 1 | GPTS - печатни услуги, персонализирани подаръци

1. Select the most appropriate type of lighting and comment with the customer;

2 1 | GPTS - печатни услуги, персонализирани подаръци

2. A conceptual design is prepared to present the overall concept and idea;

3 | GPTS - печатни услуги, персонализирани подаръци

3. A file is prepared for processing using specialized software;

4 | GPTS - печатни услуги, персонализирани подаръци

4. The file is a visualization of the conceptual design as it will be implemented and will look final;

5. The next stage is the cutting with CNC milling machine and shaping of each workpiece according to the prepared file;

6. When we have the element cut we need to start assembling and placing the selected lighting;

7 | GPTS - печатни услуги, персонализирани подаръци

7. The penultimate step is powering up and testing that everything works. According to the project, the power supply can be:

  • From the mains with a suitable driver
  • With rechargeable or lithium-ion batteries and required controllers
8 | GPTS - печатни услуги, персонализирани подаръци

8. Inspect the details to make sure the product quality is up to par and ready for the customer’s pre-shipment.

After the hard work of our close-knit team, we are pleased with the result. And not only us! Our clients are the ones who always appreciate us and come back to us for another new and innovative project. If you’re still wondering what to add to your next event, we’d advise a glowing logo, which we’d happily design for you.