Life without plastic – a new beginning for nature and for people

How often do you use plastic in your daily life and can you do without it?

The answers are certainly “daily” and “I can’t” (at least not while there are such products around us and we are dependent on them). Plastic is all around us. It began to be mass produced in the last century and to this day its consumption is growing exponentially.

Nylon bags have been found both at the highest point on the planet, Mount Everest, and at a depth of 11 km in the ocean. This growing negative trend is causing a number of ecological upheavals (extinction and extinction of entire ecosystems), but it is also harming human health.

We cannot fail to mention the positive qualities of plastic as a material – it is light, comfortable, easy to transform and model; it is resistant to weather conditions; it is used in automotive and aerospace construction.

Despite these positives, plastic remains a major source of pollution on the planet. There are entire “dead zones” in the oceans where, because there is so much plastic, there is no oxygen and consequently no living organisms can thrive. To change the situation for the better and to keep the planet clean, we need to look around us and change our whole outlook and actions.

Immediate measures are needed to tackle this problem and change can be achieved both by personal example and by legal solutions – sanctions, fines etc.

Our plea is that each person decides for himself how he wants to live. We call on more people to be responsible for protecting the environment. This can be achieved by separate waste collection, recycling, using reusable bags, etc. Life without plastic is impossible at this stage, but at least reducing consumption will lead to good and reliable results – both for people and the environment.On the box you can print a personal name and message for each recipient, whether you give to one or a hundred people at the same time. A particularly suitable choice when organising events, for example.

The shape of the box can be assembled with the size of the bottle, whether it is small or large. This box is made for a small wine bottle of 330ml.

The comfortable handle is also sturdy enough to support the weight of the bottle inside. According to the design and the drink in the box, you can make a gift for customers on different occasions and holidays.