Binding and finishing are the processes by which we bring the product to its ultimate commercial appearance. We are uncompromising in the realization of your ideas and every day we are working to improve and achieve even more flawless results.

  • Thread binding – Sewing pages with thread.
  • Staple binding – Joining pages through straight staples.
  • Spiral binding – Through it, individual sheets can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing for convenient and practical handling of the product, as well as easy correction or replacement of pages.
  • Thermal bonding – Comfortable, fast and beautiful. Thermal bonding can combine a large number of pages, elegantly and qualitatively. Beautiful brochures, magazines, catalogs often use this method to fasten their pages. The specificity of polyurethane adhesive makes this type of bonding makes the product resistant and capable of withstanding many flip throughs.
  • Hardcover – Hardcover variants are infinite and as technology advances they are becoming more and more effective. From the type of material – artificial leather, overprint coatings with full color printing, bookbinding canvas, bookbinders etc. to beautiful effects such as lamination, partial or complete lacquer, bookmarking by screen printing, hot stamping, embossing and more.
  • Soft cover – Most often made of thicker cardboard which is put on the book body.
  • Soft, Leather Binding – A relatively new trend with an extremely impressive vision, giving style and class to the paper product.
  • Bolt Binding – Extremely practical and convenient in shaping sample catalogs, color compositions and more. The ability to spread it as a fan and match individual elements makes this kind of binding indispensable.
  • Caps insertion – we often need to improvise when creating the most appropriate advertisment product. We use caps for the production of folders, catalogs, vinyls and many unusual ideas of our customers.