End sewing is much more than binding pages. At GPTS, we skillfully craft and sew loose pages into entire items such as notebooks, books and luxury catalogs. This traditional method improves the durability and strength of our products.

End sewing: Ensuring durability

At the core of our concession sewing process is a dedication to quality that sets us apart. We carefully craft durable products that stand the test of time. Each seam represents our unwavering commitment to producing exceptionally durable products.

The GPTS advantage

In conjunction with the sewing concession, we seamlessly integrate heat sealing into our services. This extra step reinforces the overall strength, ensuring that our products not only look sophisticated but also withstand everyday use. By thermo gluing a soft or hard cover is attached to the product.

What stands out at GPTS is that we will happily accept and fulfill your online orders with smiles. We boast one of the few machines in Bulgaria performing this service.

It operates in sizes ranging from a minimum of 150 x 100 mm to a maximum of 460 x 460 mm, at speeds of up to 50 cycles per minute thanks to its twelve needle groups. This power provides efficiency without compromising precision.

Qualified team: improve every project

Our skilled team ensures that every seam is not just a connecting element, but a sign of uncompromising quality. Meticulous attention to detail results in products that last.

Choosing GPTS for your needs is a commitment to excellence. We exceed industry standards by delivering not only service, but an excellent user experience. Our experience in concert sewing is backed by many satisfied customers who have witnessed the transformation of their ideas into beautifully bound creations.

In addition to concession sewing, GPTS offers a wide range of services. From digital to textile printing to large format printing and precision v-channel cutting, we provide a complete range of solutions. Our commitment to quality extends to all services, ensuring that every project gets the attention it deserves.

In a world where details matter and product durability is just as important as visual appeal, GPTS is the right choice. Our company stands out for its dedication to making amazing products,. We pride ourselves on delivering excellence, ensuring that every stitch we carefully place tells a story of exceptional quality.

A wide variety of personalized gifts

We offer customization options including a variety of interesting and unusual suggestions. Whether it’s printing logos on corporate catalogs or customizing notepads with unique designs, all of our services are done quickly and with a focus on quality. We understand that every project is unique and our commitment to custom solutions ensures that your vision is translated into something truly beautiful, useful and multifunctional.

Dedication to customer satisfaction

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering. From concept to delivery, we prioritize transparency, reliability and exceeding expectations.

The feedback of our satisfied customers speaks volumes about the quality of our work. We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner for businesses, artists and individuals alike!

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