Have you ever wondered how gift boxes, paper bags, shoe boxes, and so on are made? How are they cut a single form out of a sheet of paper, which with only a few folds turns into something three-dimensional? And how are hundreds of thousands of absolutely identical items made? The machine that handles this complex task is called a punch, and the process is called punching.

Thanks to the steel blades placed in the desired shape (punch shape), attached to a wooden base, when high pressure is applied from the press, paper products are cut exactly the same with each other. In most cases punching is a post-print process, thanks to which printed and cut to size items are converted into beautiful packages with only a few folds. Boxes, folders, envelopes and other paper articles of non-standard shape, all of this before acquiring volume was a flat sheet, cut into a complex figure. In GPTS not only do we make unique punches fitting perfectly to the customer’s requirements, we also have a number of ready-made ones, which allows the order to be finished in much shorter time and at a considerably lower price.