Why exactly a t-shirt or a mug?

The reason we offer them lies in their practicality.

We all know that people in Bulgaria are among the most practical in the world. We love gifts and especially gifts that we can use anywhere and for many different purposes.

Here are some tips on which one to choose for your event with examples and suggestions.


Over the centuries, the T-shirt has gone from being a piece of underwear to a vehicle for social views and passions. Here it is good to put a clarification: T-shirts are a powerful weapon and motivator on an emotional and subconscious level in various spheres. For this you need to consider whether it would be an appropriate choice for your event and make that decision yourself.

Why a T-shirt? Take the example of football. All the players play with the same teams (we exclude the numbers on the back and the goalkeepers, but everyone is in a different position in the office, right?) and have a common goal to beat the opponent.

Team play and teams are also part of the business. Nowadays, there is more and more talk about colour branding and colour identification with a specific brand/company. (Example: “Doesn’t this color remind you of this company?”)

Okay, but why choose a t-shirt for our event? Aside from its teamness and practicality, the t-shirt is a serious poster child. What do I mean? As I mentioned earlier, we live in Bulgaria, and here we use the most practical things. Now remember when you were walking the dog in the park did you see the guy with the light blue t-shirt? Exactly! Quite often the t-shirts received during an event are used after the event.

And what could be better than such advertising?

Teniski statia2 | GPTS - печатни услуги, персонализирани подаръци

Chashi statia2 | GPTS - печатни услуги, персонализирани подаръци


“Hot thing without which the morning is heavy..” – Who doesn’t drink coffee or tea nowadays? (Don’t look at my colleague! He’s already on a beer)

Speaking of practicality, one can’t help but mention a mug! How many recipes include half a glass of wine, and the other why throw it?! (Cheers!)

Yes, she the cup! And which is the most famous cup? The Holy Grail of course! It gives life, pleasure, quenches thirst and… “Good morning! Could I have a coffee please?”

You see for yourselves what power the cup brings! Admit it, how many of you have mugs from different campaigns of different brands at home? (That’s right and the ones for kids with the airplane or the red car count!)

And remember: until you take a sip, you can’t tell 100% if the coffee in your cup is bitter or sweet! Could the bartender have dropped the salt shaker inside?

In conclusion, we can’t tell you which is cooler or which will suit your business/brand better. But we would definitely help you in choosing the model, making, color and branding it!

And the drink? But please… If you don’t test something to see if it works, how can you tell if it’s for you?