With employees in mind – a monthly raffle with great prizes at the GPTs office!

20240207 152735 0000 | GPTS - печатни услуги, персонализирани подаръци

At the beginning of this year – 2024 – we decided to resume an initiative we started years ago. Each month, our management department selects different options of original gifts to give to a colleague from our office chosen through a holiday raffle.

We strive and work towards building an even better working environment and believe that through such campaigns our employees will feel truly special. Our mission is to create products by the people for the people, with thought and love put into them. With the right attitude, respect and consideration from the management towards the employees, each of our colleagues maintains their drive and desire for creative work. For the past month of January, the prize that was won was a commemorative collectible coin, and for the month of February we have provided a stylish multi-function smartwatch. And what comes next will be a surprise for everyone.